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How Cryptobitx Works

The Cryptobitx global peer-to-peer donation network is a way for you to help others like yourself, and in exchange they will help you. We are a community of people looking for financial backing in the projects that will fulfill us and bring more joy to the world. If you want to experience the success of turning your dreams into reality, then pay attention. We have as system that works for everyone. It's a Cryptobitx

Become an active member of our community

Start by signing up and getting your acccount set up. You'll need a bitcoin wallet in order to participate. You can get a free wallet at Once you have your wallet input it into the form on the "Bitcoin Wallet" page. Next, you need to upgrade your account by providing a small donation to the person who referred you, or someone else they referred. Follow these simple steps: Click the upgrade button Get the wallet address and the amount for the donation. Go to your wallet website and send the amount of bitcoin to the wallet address from step 2. Get the transaction hash id from the site you sent the bitcoins. Copy and paste the transaction hash id into the payment verification form on the upgrade page from step 2. Enter the amount paid, and click submit. That's it! You just made your first donation!.